PROGRESS Wrestling PREVIEW – Chapter 27: The Lost Art Of Suffering

Show: PROGRESS Wrestling – Chapter 27: The Lost Art Of Suffering

Location: The Electric Ballroom – Camden – London

Date: 27/03/2016

Well after our first PROGRESS Wrestling review hit the website not long ago (Chapter 1: In The Beginning) We now have another PROGRESS first for We Write Wrestlin, a preview for their next show in a weeks time. Chapter 27: The Lost Art Of Suffering, with more PROGRESS history being made with not only the first Thunder Bastard match to not take place at a Thunder Bastard event. But also the first PROGRESS TLC match, along side that we have two big names in Tommaso Ciampa and Zack Sabre Jr. teaming up to take on PROGRESS tag team champions The Origin as well as our first semi final for the Natural Progression Series 3. Looking at the card it is very well stacked with big matches and big names and with the preview article along with future ones of this type, I shall be giving my thoughts on the builds for each match if they have any, along with my thoughts on if I think the match will be good or not. This is not a flat out predictions article but I may throw in my two cense on who I think will win and why if it seems appropriate to the match. As usual if you want to know more about PROGRESS Wrestling including; Merchandise, their wrestling school The Projo, news updates and their brilliant streaming service We Demand PROGRESS, check out for more information on all of that.


Natural Progression Series – Semi Final Match:

Damian Dunne vs Pastor William Eaver


We are nearing the end of the 3rd annual Natural Progression Series and like the last 2, this one has not disappointed in showing off the finest young, up and coming UK talent. Pastor William Eaver, who was brought back into NPS by last years winner, Morgan Webster. Has been very popular with the PROGRESS faithful for a while now, having consistently solid matches and even having some upset victories including Noam Dar at Chapter 20. Damian Dunne at the same Chapter was actually eliminated by Sabastian in the Quarter Finals, but sadly Sabastian had to pull out of the tournament which set up a redemption Quarter Final match at Chapter 25 between Damian Dunne and Tyler Bate (Tyler losing against William Eaver in their QTR bout) which of course Damian won. With the odd turn of events it makes me wonder who would win this match if it were Sabastian vs Eaver, both men are very popular and well rounded wrestlers, making them both worthy of a spot in the finals.

In terms of how I think this match will go, I think this will be a solid but not amazing match, Damian is still finding his feet in PROGRESS whilst Eaver is good but not at his peek yet. It will probably be on the short side around 8-10 minutes and most likely open up the show, getting the crowd warmed up. I feel William Eaver will take the win here, with how much he’s improved over the last year or so and with how over he is, I feel him winning is the only option. The extra exposure Damian will receive will do him a world of good and I’m sure we will see more from him in the future, but right now, it’s not his time.

Jack Gallagher vs Johnny Kidd


This is the only match on the card where I can’t give my full opinion on how well this match will go, due to me not knowing one of the wrestlers involved. Johnny Kidd, while not much of a kid anymore, from what I understand is a pretty old school wrestler debuting in the late 70’s and is acclaimed for his grappling abilities, being labelled a legend of British wrestling. Now Jack Gallagher I can talk about more as I have seen him perform, also a very good grappler and technical wrestler, Jack has quickly become one of my favourites to watch in PROGRESS. He’s had very strong matches in the shows that he’s been in, including a great tag team match aligning himself with F.S.U to take on The Origin at their first Manchester show Chapter 24: Hit The North.

Now with these two having the same style of wrestling, we can expect an old school type match here, more technical and emphasis on mat skills, not often seen in the indies today. There’s always one technical based match at a PROGROSS show and they’re almost always great, and this one should be no different and will most likely be a passing of the torch from Johnny over to Jack. With Jack having more to gain if he picks up the win over an established wrestler such as Johnny Kidd. Hopefully a win will give Jack a huge push in momentum going into the later part of the year, and with how talented he is, I’d put him in as an early contender to win NPS 4.

PROGRESS Tag Team Title Match:

The Origin (Nathan Cruz & El Ligero) (c) vs Tommaso Ciampa & Zack Sabre Jr.


These last 3 matches could all be match of the night, here’s the first. Ciampa and ZSR alone have produced some great matches together at both the SS16 Tournament & Hit The North. As well against other opponents such as Ciampa against Haskins in my personal top rated PROGRESS match at Chapter 22 and ZSJ taking on Prince Devitt (Finn Balor) at Chapter 13 which you can actually watch for FREE on their YouTube channel here. With Nathan Cruz & El Ligero they’re staples of PROGRESS, being there, literally since the beginning with Cruz being the first ever PROGRESS Champion. These two can go and have definitely been since forming The Origin having great matches with the likes of SDS, The London Riots & F.S.U. PROGRESS always love to bring in some big names for their shows, having names like: Prince Devitt, Roderick Strong, Adam Cole, Samoa Joe and Colt Cabana.

The match itself has a high chance of stealing of the show as mentioned and will certainly be great, all 4 men are great in the ring with Ciampa and ZSB’s strong style and technical prowess along side Origin’s great teamwork, heelish tendencies and overall great work rate. While Nathan and Ligero are not PROGRESS’s big stars, Ciampa and Zack will sure as hell get the best out of those 2 and we shall be treated to a fine display of tag team wrestling. Now it’s pretty clear The Origin will win this match as with most of these special tag team matches at shows coupled along with Tammaso being with NXT and ZSJ being PWG champion it is very unlikely they will walk away with the tag titles. None the less this shall be a fantastic contest.

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match – Losing Team Must Disband:

The London Riots vs The Sumerian Death Squad


Holy f*cking sh*t this matches looks insane! Two teams well known in PROGRESS for just kicking the sh*t out of teams started butting heads at chapter 22 after miscommunication cost them an 8 man tag team match against The Origin. Since then these teams have butted heads in singles and tag team matches with SDS making a full heel turn at Chapter 24 attacking TLR with steel chairs. We all knew there would be a big blow off match for this rivalry, perhaps for the tag team titles, but no. Not only do we have a PROGRESS history making match with the first ever TLC match in the promotions history (Not counting Havoc vs Andrews at Chapter 13 as that was merely a ladder match with chairs and tables brought in) BUT the losing team will have to break up and can never team up in PROGRESS again! Those are some pretty big steaks, especially with both teams being well established in PROGRESS, it would be a shock to see either team disband.

I personally pick this as match of the night, these two already decimate their opponents in a regular tag team set up, imagine what these two teams will do to each other, in a no DQ scenario, with their partnerships on the line and with the fact that both teams want to kill each other. Both teams have amazing tag team moves but in the singles match ups, the edge would go to SDS with Tommy End being an established singles wrestler in PROGRESS before forming SDS and Michael Dante being very solid himself, whilst James Davis and Rob Lynch are good singles wise, they gel much better as a unit. With SDS having better prospects as singles competitors and TLR being established in PROGRESS a lot longer and working better as a team than in singles competition, I think The London Riots will take this match. With their history in PROGRESS I don’t think they would split up these two along with the mentioned which team would thrive better in singles competition. I also think we will see some respect and handshakes after the match, as we sometimes see in these types of scenarios. Expect a fantastic, brutal match against two of PROGRESS’s finest tag teams.

Main Event – Thunder Bastard Match – PROGRESS Championship:

Marty Scurll (c) vs Mark Haskins vs Will Ospreay vs Zack Gibson vs Eddie Dennis vs Paul Robinson vs Mark Andrews vs Morgan Webster vs Rampage Brown


Damn, just, damn. What a stacked main event, probably the most stacked in PROGRESS history, as well as the first Thunder Bastard match to feature outside of their Thunder Bastard shows (Chapters 14 & 20) With 3 previous PROGRESS Champions (Ospreay, Brown & Andrews) Both NPS winners (Andrews & Webster) AND both previous Thunder Bastard match winners (Ospreay & Haskins) It’s safe to say this will be an amazing main event. With only 5 matches on the card this could be a marathon match. Seeing Eddie Dennis in the match is interesting as he’s the only one (To my knowledge) who hasn’t had a shot at the title which leads me to think there will be some friction built between him and his F.S.U partner Mark Andrews. So much history in this match it would be an essay to state it all, the biggest match to happen since Havoc vs Ospreay at Chapter 20. On top of all of that, the different styles of wrestling in this match is immense, high flyers, brawlers, powerhouses and technicians all in one ring, this could be a 5 star classic in the making with every single wrestler in this match being highly talented and well respected in PROGRESS Wrestling.

So, what the hell is a “Thunder Bastard” match? Well it’s basically the Royal Rumble in terms of wrestler coming in at evenly timed intervals and anyone can be eliminated at anytime. But instead of elimination via over the top rope, it’s regular pinfall or submission elimination rules. Now the match itself will surely be amazing, although I say SDS vs TLR will be MOTN, this match has the highest probability to be MOTN and the best PROGRESS match ever. As stated earlier, potential future story lines to be started up with Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews being in the same ring, these two have faced each other before at chapter 17 in which Eddie came out victorious and gained soul possession of the tag team titles in the process (Andrews was leaving for TNA) As well as the already mentioned history this match holds with many old rivalries being rekindled; Haskins Brown, Ospreay Andrews, Webster Gibson and Scurll against pretty much anyone. Scurll is at a major disadvantage here, with all the odds stacked against him but I think he will retain here and continue his run as champion. With only one title defence against Haskins at the previous chapter, it would be silly to take the belt off him so soon. The question remains is, who will be his next opponent if he were to win, hell who would be the next challenger in general? Seeing as there are no rematch clauses in PROGRESS we would have to see a new star rise up to face the champion. Which makes it even more exciting with the endless possibilities of who will be champion and who the champion will face at the next show. Needless to say, this match will go down in PROGRESS history for sure.

Overall this card is heavily stacked, all 5 matches looking good with 3 of them being potential MOTN candidates as well as history making matches. One tag team will cease to exist in their first ever TLC match, our first NPS 3 finalist shall be known, and the first ever Thunder Bastard match outside a Thunder Bsstard show. Which will also be the biggest match in the promotions history with many possible outcomes not only for who will win, but what comes afterwards for all 9 men involved. If you can still snag a ticket for this show I highly suggest you do, and if not, buy the DVD or get it on demand when it’s released, this could very well be the best PROGRESS show yet.

So this was our first PROGRESS preview article, what do you think of the matches on this card? Any predictions for future storylines within PROGRESS? Comment below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin and follow me @WWWDylanOsborn!



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