WWE Main Event March 15, 2016 – Results and Review

WWE Main Event

March 15, 2016

US Bank Arena – Cincinnati Ohio

Lucha Dragons VS The Ascension

My knowledge of these two teams facing each other really comes off from what they have done on the main roster due to me not really paying attention to NXT until recently. Seeing these the Ascension actually put up relatively good matches on Main Event and Superstars rather than squash tag team matches on Raw or even Smackdown sometimes. The match really tries to highlight what Kalisto can do against larger opponents, such as Konnor, Viktor and most of the roster, having commentary put over how he’s about to be facing Ryback at Wrestlemania. With some fun heel shenanigans in the match from the Ascension pulling off a big Wasteland move on Kalisto in the middle of the ring while having the ref distracted by Sin Cara attempting to get into the ring. The result being a close two count and Kalisto kicking out of Konnor’s pin attempt. Sin Cara dives out of the ring onto Viktor by the announce table leaving Kalisto in the ring alone with Konnor. After a quick kick to the head stumbling Konnor, Kalisto hits the Salida Del Sol and picks up the victory for the Lucha Dragons.
Rating ***1/4
Post Match fun thought: I kinda miss seeing the Lucha Dragons in matching ring attire. Sin Cara being in a Black and Gold outfit and Kalisto being in his bring green gear.

Next we see Stardust in his fifth dimension area cutting a promo against Sami Zayn calling him a paper boy and the “Flavor of the Month”.

Summer Rae VS Paige

I’d like to start out by laughing a bit at Paige’s Titantron still on the screen while Summer Rae’s music hits. Summer Rae did seem a bit irritated by it when she came out. The match begins and for about three minutes the two divas wrestle in the ring when Lana’s music hits. Paige seems distracted a bit by the music and Lana walking down the ramp but is not distracted enough to counter an advantage attempt by Summer. The match continues with King slobbering over Lana as she sits on the announce table and informing us what happened between Paige and Lana on RAW. Lana finally approaches the ring and hops up onto the ring apron again attempting to distract Paige. The two exchange words and Summer attempts to roll up Paige but Paige counters into her own roll up for the three count.
Rating **
After the match, Lana hops into the ring and begins to beat down on Paige. Once Paige gets up and puts up a bit of a fight, Lana delivers a shin to Paige’s face leaving Paige laying down in the ring. Lana gets out of the ring and Paige kinda does a bit of a bad job at selling the kick to the face.

Sami Zayn VS Stardust

The match is pretty much put over by the commentary as a rematch from Roadblock that happened on Saturday. The match really consists of a back and forward between Zayn and Stardust with Stardust out of the ring of a bit of it. Luring Zayn to the outside Stardust gains a bit of momentum by throwing Zayn around on the outside. (Unfortunately we don’t get to see Zayn do his cool flip off the top rope when he can’t attempt a dive to the outside of the ring) Zayn and Stardust attempt to do a suplex to each other but counter each other finally having Zayn overcoming Stardust and delivering a suplex to Stardust. With a few two counts the match ends with Zayn and Stardust in the corner back and forward attempting to throw the other off the top turn buckle. Zayn hits the Helluvah Kick on Stardust to get the three count and wins the match.
Rating ***

Overall this was a good episode of Main Event with nothing really too exciting happening during the matches. Faces won all their three matches (Yes even Paige technically being a face currently in the Diva Match) with props going to the Lucha Dragon and Ascension match.


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