5 Dream Tag Teams

Tag Team wrestling is thought of by many as being the pinnacle of the art of pro-wrestling. Occasionally it can throw up some weird combinations or dream team ups too. So this is a list of my dream team ups from the world of professional wrestling and although they may seem unlikely now did you ever think Y2AJ would happen? No, you didn’t so let me dream about….

5. Zack Sabre jr and Finn Balor

Can you imagine how well these two stunning athletes would compliment each other!? ZSJ is one of the best independent wrestlers around right now, a mantle that was easily applied to Balor in the not so distant past as well before his move to NXT. They both have an enthralling and unique in ring style. They both have a great look and well defined and well worked gimmick and they both show a real love for the business of professional wrestling. A stint in NXT is something that has been talked about for Sabre jr for a while and seems bound to happen sooner rather than later. Adding these two into the already fantastic NXT tag division would take it to a level never seen before. Can you imagine a match between Balor & Sabre jr and American Alpha!? Its got 5 stars written all over it!

4. Prince Puma and El Generico.

I know, I know, El Generico has retired and gone back to Tijuana to feed the orphans but a guy can dream right? Prince Puma on the other hand is currently battling the forces of evil down in the Lucha Underground temple (all the while using a very similar style to independent wrestling’s gravity denier, Ricochet). Who better to help him on his quest for the LU gold than the terror from Tijuana, El Generico? Puma’s kinetic and insanely high flying style would couple well with the Generic ones hard hitting and reckless skill set. Generico & Puma vs Angelico & Son of Havok would be a spot fest in the greatest sense of the term. I’m sure El Generico’s biggest fan, Sami Zayn, would agree…

3. Mil Muertes and The Undertaker

It’s unlikely to ever happen after some comments Muertes has made about Vince McMahon but please stop stepping on my dreams okay!? We all know how haunting the Phenom can be and Mil Muertes, the current Lucha Underground champion is probably the scariest guy in LU right now (although Pentagon jr might want to argue that point). The two of them together would reach a level of creepy not seen since Bray Wyatt dressed up as sister Abigail for Halloween. Muertes legitimately scares me and his work is not to be sniffed at either (if you ignore his horrible TNA run…which you really should). Pair that up with ‘Taker’s still surprisingly agile move set and you have a team capable of wanton destruction the likes of which have never been seen. They would wipe the smiles off the faces of the New Day faster than the proverbial bat out of hell and would arguably hold the tag titles until they decided they didn’t want them anymore.

2. Candice Lerae and Asuka

I make it no secret how much love I have for Candice Lerae, the queen of PWG. She is incredible at what she does and seems to be legitimately tough. Another female who fits that description is Asuka. She can switch from cute as a button to chillingly aggressive in the blink of an eye. There aren’t many ladies who work the aggressive or strong style of wrestling but these two make up for that. You could put them up against any tag team, male or female, and expect a great match where they could not just come out on top but decimate the competition on the way too. I know WWE don’t like inter-gender wrestling at all but we’ve all gotta have dreams right? Asuka & Candice vs The Vaudevillians is one of mine.

1. CM Punk and Samoa Joe

I know…Punk is gone and probably will never be back but like I keep saying STOP CRUSHING MY DREAMS!
Anyway, if you go back into the annuls of time (or the Ring of Honor video library) you will see that this pairing has happened before. However, it was as a one off as part of an angle during a feud between the two. During that feud we got a look at the in ring chemistry between Joe and Punk and it was good, like really really good. In fact probably one of the best angles to come out of RoH ever. So imagine these two if they were on the same page. Punk’s flawless technical style complimented by Joe’s surprisingly agile and aggressive brawling style. The two could run roughshod over an tag division you put them in. I would personally love to see a program against Enzo Amore and Big Cass. The wrestling would be A+ standard and the promos would be some of the best we could see with Enzo and Punk going toe to toe on the mic. I for 1 would pay all of my money to see that…please come back Punk, we miss you so very much…


Want to let me know your most wished for tag team or just want to try and finish off my already crushed dreams? Drop a comment down below! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin.


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