WWE Monday Night Raw Preview – March 14, 2016

WWE Monday Night Raw

March 14, 2016

Consol Energy Center – Pittsburgh, PA

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Watch: USA Network

Just 2 days since WWE Roadblock, WWE heads into the Consol Energy Center with another edition of Monday Night Raw heading into April 3rd’s WrestleMania 32 event. It’s We Write Wrestling’s Monday Night Raw preview for March 14, 2016!


The New Day to defend WWE Tag Team Championship Again

After just defeating the League of Nations and retaining their titles, they will now defend their championship again none other than the League of Nations which will be represented by Rusev and Alberto Del Rio.

Why is this happening? New Day just defeated this stable at Roadblock and retained their championship, there, done, back of the line. I think  WWE should be using these couple of weeks leading to WrestleMania to building a team that will be a valid threat to New Day’s titles. Expect some kind of interference here.


AJ + Y2J = Y2AJ – Y2J = Heel Chris Jericho

After losing to AJ Styles 3 times and deciding to join him by officially making them a tag team without any input from Styles himself, Chris Jericho has turned on AJ as seen last Monday and he now believes he can beat him. What will transpire between Fozzy’s lead singer and the religious leader of the Gay Community?


I’m liking this, heel Chris Jericho is back, as he should’ve been for years. Jericho is just so good at being hated. Styles has fit really well in WWE since he’s debuted and going over Jericho will be a good first program for his career in this promotion. However, I’ve seen 3 Jericho vs Styles matches and I’m honestly quite okay not seeing it again, so I hope some kind of stipulation will be put on this upcoming match.


Will We Get Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens at WrestleMania?

After coming out to fight off Kevin Owens from injuring Neville, is Sami Zayn going to challenge Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship? After weeks and weeks of Owens complaining about a lack of a WrestleMania opponent and Sami Zayn presumably accepting his challenge, Kevin Owens walked out of his tag team match on SmackDown when he was tagged in and was face-to-face with Zayn.


Three words. I. Am. Hyped. These two had a great rivalry on the independent scene as well as a surprisingly good program in NXT within the short time that they had before Sami Zayn got injured. Now we’re getting it on the main roster. If all goes well and they let these two guys just go out and promo on each other and give them some freedom in their match, this can be the hottest thing in WWE.


Triple H is Ready for WrestleMania

After defeating Dean Ambrose at Roadblock, there are no more questions, it will be Triple H defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Will Roman Reigns show up after his beat down from Triple H weeks ago?


If Roman Reigns is supposed to be the next top star in this company, why is he missing multiple weeks leading to what may be his biggest match of his career so far? If he’s supposed to be the star, shouldn’t he be on the show so he can sell WrestleMania? I’m hoping Roman returns on this episode and does something that will get the fans behind him.


What are you looking forward to on this episode of Monday Night Raw? Comment down below and follow us on Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin





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