WWE Roadblock 2016 – Preview and Predictions

We’re on the road to WrestleMania, we’re also on the Fastlane to WrestleMania, but wait, what’s that? There’s a Roadblock! WWE presents a WWE Network special “Roadblock.” Triple H will be defending his championship, Brock Lesnar will be in action, and two NXT tag teams will battle it out. It’s We Write Wrestling’s WWE Roadblock 2016 Preview and Predictions!

The WWE Roadblock 2016 Preview Panel

Trey Lee: He just turned 16 a few days ago. It’d be a shame if his predictions are wrong.

Trey Lee on Twitter

Noah Hugh: One of the newest additions to the We Write Wrestling staff. He focuses on Japanese wrestling for the website, or more commonly known as puroresu. He already has a DDT review up. You should check it out. After you read this preview of course.

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Dylan Osborn: He is our resident United Kingdom wrestling reviewer. He is currently in the process of reviewing every PROGRESS show for the website.

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Kyle Tolliver: Another addition to the We Write Wrestling staff. He’ll be all over the place going from New Japan Pro Wrestling to general columns to WWE Superstars reviews.

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Hugh Little: Co-host of the Talking Sheet podcast alongside Les Moore and good friend of We Write Wrestling, Sealia Bloom. He loves everything, no joke. Will this guest panelist decimate the WWW staff with his predictions? We’ll find out.

Hugh Little on Twitter | Sheet Sandwich

Tacc Brown: Have you seen one of the lists on this website? It’s very likely it was written by this man. Should we call him the “King of Lists?” Yes we shall. Take that, WhatCulture.

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Promotion: WWE

Event: Roadblock

Date: March 12, 2016

Venue: Ricoh Coliseum – Toronto, Ontario

NXT Tag Team Championship

The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c) vs. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady (with Carmella)

Trey Lee: Pretty cool that we’re getting an NXT title match on this show. Enzo and Cass should be main roster bound shortly after Wrestlemania, so I have the Revival in this one.

Prediction: The Revival

Noah Hugh: I don’t think there’s any way that Enzo and Cass win this since they need a heel tag team to drop the NXT Tag Titles to American Alpha at Takeover: Dallas and Enzo and Cass are probably gonna be debuting on the main roster pretty soon.

Prediction: The Revival

Dylan Osborn: Enzo and Cass getting one last shot before the main roster? Or will they FINALLY capture gold? Either way, this match should be really good, these two teams are great and have good chemistry but for the sake of having Enzo and Cass be at Mania, I’m going with Dash & Dawson.

Prediction: The Revival

Kyle Tolliver: If you’re a fan of reading spoilers, you may already know how this one ends.

To put it simply, NXT waited too long with Enzo & Cass, as most thought Takeover: London would have been a perfect place to put the Tag Team belts on the lovable Italian stereotypes. A perfect video package preempted the match, showing how the two have had the longest run as a team in Full Sail, and have become the most popular duo in NXT as a result.

What followed was a wonderful match (my personal favorite of that night), where the two, along with Carmella, came back from everything the pre-Revival Tag Team Champs gave them. In a perfect world, Enzo & Cass would have used their scrappy fighting style to grab the titles, but alas, that wasn’t the story WWE was telling at the time.

Dash & Dawson are the Revival: two pitbulls who take every advantage that is given to them and pick apart their opponents until they win. Personally, I like that. They’re a throwback to the good ol’ southern territorial days, and NXT has stumbled on something new by going back to something old.

Ever since the belts left the Ascension, they’ve seem to bounce around a lot: from the Lucha Dragons to the surprise team of Black & Murphy, to the fan favorites of the Vaudevillians (which some thought Enzo & Cass should have won THEN, way back in August). The Revival needed to keep the belts for a while to establish some legitimacy to the division and to build themselves as a threat until a babyface team takes them out to a thunderous reaction.

Unfortunately, Enzo & Cass where picked as a team to feed to the champs. The original plan seemed to be to give the fan favorites another re-match, drawing out the ‘fight for our lives’ story the team was relying on. And in that re-match, Enzo & Cass could have very well won. But then their popularity got them noticed by the main roster, and the New York trio (Carmella included) are currently doing house shows for Raw, with a post-Mania debut against the New Day being rumored.

This means that if they were to win, Enzo & Cass would have an incredibly short title reign, which just wouldn’t be worth it. Again, the dirtsheets project an American Alpha vs. The Revival match at Takeover: Dallas. This would give NXT about three weeks to get the titles back to the Revival, which just would not be worth it.

Prediction: The Revival


Hugh Little: This has turned into a decent tag team rivalry. I thought these two teams had a good match up at the NXT UK event and I think they will have another good match on this show as well. Enzo and Cass just can’t get their hands on the TITLE BELTS (yeah I called them belts) This match should be a no nonsense street fight brawl. I want everyone to be mad and to look pissed off. I want lots of power moves with ugly facial expressions. I don’t think the belts get dropped in this match. The feeling I’m picking up is a Revival vs Alpha Americans match Mania weekend, you know what I’m saying.

Prediction: The Revival


Tacc Brown: I love both these teams. They’re as far apart on the heel and babyface scale as you can get which can only help both teams tell a good story. I think this will be used as Enzo and Cass’ first proper introduction to the mainstream WWE audience, that doesn’t mean they go over tho.

Prediction: The Revival


WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and/or Xavier Woods) (c) vs. The League of Nations (Sheamus and King Barrett)

Trey Lee: New. Day Rocks. New. Day Rocks

Prediction: The New Day



Prediction: The New Day


Dylan Osborn: So… The New Day are face now? Or is this just WWE running out of teams for New Day? Not sure but this should also be a solid tag team match. Barrett and Sheamus are solid workers and New Day are of course, amazing. The New Day will retain for sure.

Prediction: The New Day


Kyle Tolliver: I hate this feud. So much. I love every member of the League of Nations separately, but I see the LON as a whole heap of hot garbage. It could have been good, but again, WWE just didn’t pull the trigger on them.

The New Day are slated to face the League at WrestleMania, with maybe some other teams thrown into the mix. With four members on the team, and with Barrett leaving this summer, WWE can mix the team members for another rematch without the title picture getting too stale.

My hopes (and everyone’s, I think), are to have a Enzo/Cass vs. New Day feud after ‘Mania. This feud is just a place holder, and the results will show it. The League will perhaps be the first team the New Day beat at a Special Event without cheating, and I predict exactly that.

Prediction: The New Day


Hugh Little: This is a match I have zero interest in. I’m not sure anyone does? I feel its hard to find a good opponent for New Day as they always outshine anyone in the ring with zaniness and wacky distractions. I’m not really a fan. I expect the other League of Nation dudes ringside at some point beating up Woods and his musical instrument, I also expect this to be a DQ match with the Nation wrecking shop on New Day and standing over there beat up bodies and posing for the rowdy Canadian crowd.

Prediction: The New Day


Tacc Brown: I love The New Day although I feel like they have missed the mark a couple of times in recent weeks. I enjoyed their short program with Y2AJ and wish it had gone on longer. This match just feels like filler to me. Theres no real feud built in here. It may be an attempt to turn the New Day babyface going into mania which I think would be a mistake. With Barrett reportedly leaving the company soon I see zero chance that New day don’t go into WrestleMania as champs.

Prediction: The New Day


Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman)

Trey Lee: The real question is how many times Brock suplexes each member of the Wyatts.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar


Noah Hugh: Even though I really want Bray to win, it’s just gonna be another Suplex City match with Brock winning.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar


Dylan Osborn: Well instead of doing a full on angle with these guys, they just thought, throw it together for a Network only show, nice marketing WWE. This match has potential to be MOTN, both men are amazing workers and Bray can tell a great story in the ring. Hopefully there’s some post match shenanigans for Bray to pick up a win and force Brock’s hand for a rematch. That way my prediction for the main event and future events can come through.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt


Kyle Tolliver: Poor, poor Wyatt Family. They can’t get a win on a major show to save their lives.

These live house shows of sorts that the WWE have been doing since last year have all revolved around one man: Brock Lesnar. He’s a special attraction. And while he’s been showing up a whole hell of a lot more on TV lately, he doesn’t come for a cheap loss.

Expect a back-and-forth fight between the two for a few minutes, with Lesnar laughing in the face of the “New Face of Fear”. Then, expect the Family to attack Paul Heyman to cause a distraction, before the family sets their sights on Brock, causing a DQ finish.

As he’s done on all live shows since the Network has been created, Lesnar will most likely F-5 the whole Wyatt Family, with exception to Bray and Braun. Harper and Rowan are seen as disposable, as witnessed in their feud with the Brothers of Destruction at Survivor Series. Wyatt and Strowman can sneak out alive, and Lesnar can develop his Beast aura even more ahead of his fight with Dean at WrestleMania.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar by DQ


Hugh Little: I think this match will be about Lesnar kicking the Wyatt clan asses. I’m sure at some point the other members of the Wyatt’s will get involved maybe a ref bump or something. The Wyatt’s will put the beat down on Lesnar until the ref starts to come back to. It will look like Bray has the match in the bag, only to find out Brock has a little something left in the tank and he goes ballistic on the whole dam family. F5 for all!

Prediction: Brock Lesnar


Tacc Brown: I can’t get excited for this one. I love to see brock work. I like Wyatt too but there hasn’t been any meaningful build here (unless you count the rumble story which grew to not alot) and it seems to me the Wyatts represent nothing more in this match than a group of big dudes for Brock to destroy.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar


WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Trey Lee: Ahh. A title match with a baby face challenger fans actually get behind. Sad that this isn’t the Wrestlemania main event. HHH wins with some shenanigans and maybe an assist from Brock.

Prediction: Triple H


Noah Hugh: Dean winning would be nice, but Brock is probably gonna attack him for no reason, even though he’d probably get a title shot at WrestleMania if Dean won.

Prediction: Triple H


Dylan Osborn: BOLD PREDICTION TIME! So with all the posters and already booked matches for WrestleMania, this match feels like a waste of time. We already know who’s going to win, or is WWE making it, too obvious? If you haven’t seen my “Is Shane working alone?” article I suggest you do as that will go into more detail as to why I am going with. Dean Ambrose to beat Triple H. In short, Dean goes on to face his best friend, and ultimately get screwed via Balor Club resulting in a Reigns heel turn and potential feud of the year between Dean and Reigns over the gold.

Prediction: Dean Ambrose


Kyle Tolliver: As much as I would love Dean Ambrose to win and finally claim his seat on the throne, it won’t happen right now. It simply is not the story that the WWE is telling right now. They are telling the story of Roman Reigns overcoming the odds against the Authority, while simultaneously making Dean the bridesmaid, but never the bride.

I fully believe that Reigns will win against Triple H and take the title out of Dallas. From there, they can move into the “Brother vs. Brother” feud between Roman and Dean, which is sure to be an excellent story (I hope. Please, don’t mess this one up!).

Dean is destined to get one inch away from the title before it slips through his hands. He’s done so for almost a year now. This will either cause him to go heel, or remain the blue-collar, Austin-like face against Reigns, in case Reigns gets booed at ‘Mania and creative decides to pull the plug and turn him into the smarmy, too-good-for-you heel he was in NXT.

Ambrose will lose, but will take a beating from the League of Nations, Triple H, and maybe more in the process. This will allow Ambrose to look strong and resilient going into his Street Fight against Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32. Also, don’t be surprised if Lesnar is still hungry after his match earlier in the night, and comes out to teach the cocky upstart Ambrose a lesson to close the show. This would turn Lesnar into a monster heel, which is what WWE needs for his feud against the ever-popular Ambrose.

Prediction: Triple H


Hugh Little: With this match I wish WrestleMania wasn’t happening because I would love a Ambrose win but I don’t think that’s the plans WWE have. I kind of feel its a forgone conclusion HHH will win and face Reigns as Champ at mania. I’ll be interested to see how long the match goes and watch shape HHH is in. The match itself should be good and the crowd should be hyped given the love we have for Ambrose. I gotta believe Ambrose will have a few close pins as well as HHH which if done right could really build the tension and drama of the match. I think HHH win try to be the worst heel ever to try and build the boos for when he faces Reigns at mania cause right now the boos will be for Reigns and WWE doesn’t want that or do they?

Prediction: Triple H


Tacc Brown: I love Ambrose. I’m really enjoying Triple H at the minute too. I think this will be a great match. Hard hitting and aggressive. I can’t see Dean going into mania as champ though. There’s been too much put into Hunters feud with Reigns to drop it at the last minute. I could see a dusty finish maybe turning the main at WrestleMania into a 3 way and I would be very okay with that.

Prediction: Triple H


So there’s our predictions for Saturday’s show. Let us know yours in the comments below and follow us on Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin 


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