DDT Into The Fight 2016 Recap and Review

This show features a KO-D Six Man Tag Title match, an Extreme Title match, a KO-D Openweight Title #1 Contender’s match, and more.

KO-D Six Man Tag Team Titles Match

Kazusada Higuchi, Kouki Iwasaki and Shunma Katsumata vs T2Hide (Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi, and Kazuki Hirata)(c)

The match began with all 3 of the rookies attacking Hirata, until T2Hide eventually got the advantage. Shunma went for a diving crossbody, but Takagi caught him and hit a Death Valley Driver, but Iwasaki broke up the pin. After Takagi threw Shunma and Kouki around a bit, Hirata called for a tag, but Owashi pushed him off the apron. While Owashi was in the ring, Kazuki tagged himself in. Shunma hit a moonsault on Hirata, which Iwasaki followed with a PK, but Owashi was able to break up the pin. Higuchi had Hirata in a Canadian Backbreaker, but Takagi was able to give him the TOKYO GO glasses, and he proceeded to take all of the DNA guys out, he went for a roll-up on Iwasaki, but Iwasaki was able to counter it for a 3 count to win the KO-D Six Man Tag Team Titles.

Daisuke Sasaki vs Konnosuke Takeshita

The match started off with Takeshita hitting a Yakuza Kick in the corner and getting a 2 on a Blue Thunder Bomb. Sasaki tried to finish Konnosuke with multiple roll-ups, but eventually got caught with a big boot into a lariat. Takeshita went for a German Suplex, but Daisuke grabbed onto the ref with his legs and did a flying pin for a 2, before hitting a huracanrana for a 3 count.

Isami Kodaka and Ryuichi Sekine vs Shuten Doji vs Smile Squash vs Team Dream Futures

This match was pretty hard to follow due to clipping, there were some nice interactions between Kodaka and Yukio, Isami won by a brutal knee to Yasu Urano.

DDT Extreme Title Three People Singles Match

Kendo Kashin (c) vs Antonio Honda vs Yoshihiko

The match started off with some grappling between Honda and Kashin, after that they both shook hands with Yoshihiko, but Kashin cheapshotted Honda after a handshake. Yoshihiko took Kendo down for a pin, but Antonio broke it up. After some brawling between Kendo and Antonio, Antonio twisted Yoshihiko’s body up like he was a blow-up doll! A bit after, Honda was outside of the ring and got taken out by Yoshihiko with a tornado moonsault off the top rope! The ref got knocked out, and while he was down Yoshihiko took everybody in the ring out with a chair! After everyone got up, Honda hit Kashin with a Scorpion Death Drop, and it looked like he was gonna do a superplex to Yoshihiko, but instead he turned him around, and dropped him head first on the ring post! Honda proceeded to do a top rope Styles Clash, simultaneously doing a fist drop on Kashin, he went for a pin on Kashin, but Yoshihiko broke it up! He took Honda out with multiple kicks, but Kendo was able to get him in an armbar for a submission win!

Shuji Ishikawa (with Daisuke Sasaki) vs Tetsuya Endo

Sasaki walked to the ring with his pet “Adrian” (Ishikawa) on a leash. The match started with Endo hitting multiple kicks on Ishikawa before hitting a bodyslam into a standing Shooting Star Press for a 2. They went outside of the ring and brawled with Shuji gaining control. In the ring, Ishikawa focused on Endo’s body with various strikes and submissions. After Tetsuya gained control, he knocked Shuji out of the ring and hit a springboard Moonsault to the outside. Endo also hit a coast-to-coast for a 2 count. He went for a Moonsault off the top rope, but Shuji got the knees up. Ishikawa was going for a superplex, but Endo was able to do a sunset flip into a powerbomb, which was followed by  a Moonsault for a 2 count! After some forearms, Shuji hit a Sleeper Suplex and then a big knee for only 2! After some roll-ups by Endo, he went for a Pele Kick which got reversed into a Fire Thunder Driver for a 2 count! Shuji hit another knee, but still only got 2! He finally was able to end the match with the Splash Mountain!

HARASHIMA vs Shigehiro Irie

KO-D Openweight Title #1 Contender’s Match

The match started off with some lock-ups and strikes. After some brawling outside of the ring, they both got in the ring and HARASHIMA hit a body slam into a double foot stomp! He did some more stomps to the chest of Irie, and also set Irie on the middle rope before hitting another double foot stomp! He proceeded to do more kicks and knees to Shigehiro. HARASHIMA got him on the top rope and hit a superplex, and proceeded to do a handstand moonsault for a 2! Afterwards, Irie gained control of the match, but not for long as HARASHIMA DID THE DEAL hit a falcon arrow for a 2 count! Irie was able to hit a black hole slam, and followed it with a huge splash off the top rope but only got a 2 count! They followed it with a forearm/kick battle, which Irie won. Irie then hit a backdrop driver, followed by another backdrop, and then hit a lariat, but only got a 2 count! Irie went for a S.O.D, but got it countered into a reverse frankensteiner, he got up first though but got knocked down with multiple kicks to the head! HARASHIMA got up and hit a springboard double foot stomp for a 2! He picked Irie up and hit a Yama-Ori, and followed up with a Somato but only got a 2 count! He tried to finish Irie with a Firebird Splash but still only got a 2 count! Irie reversed HARASHIMA and went for a Fire Thunder Driver, but instead he got hit with a knee to the back of the head! He went for another Somato, but it got reversed into a Sit-Out Tombstone Piledriver! Irie then hit a cannonball in the corner, followed by a lariat for a 2 count! He went for the S.O.D, but HARASHIMA escaped, he hit a headbutt, but got hit with a big kick right to the head, followed by a Canadian Destroyer for a 2! He was then able to nail Irie with 2 Somatos in a row to earn a shot at Isami Kodaka’s KO-D Openweight Title at DDT Judgement 2016!

Overall Thoughts

Very good show, there wasn’t a bad thing on this show except the 4-way tag due to clipping. The first hour was full of fun comedic matches and the second hour had 2 great matches (HARASHIMA vs Irie and Ishikawa vs Endo.) HARASHIMA vs Irie is the current best DDT match of 2016, in my opinion, I don’t expect it to be for very long though, with DDT Judgement happening on the 21st. Speaking of DDT Judgement, it should be a Show of the Year candidate. It will feature the return of Kota Ibushi, Danshoku Dino vs Akebono, Yukio Sakaguchi vs Minoru Suzuki, a DDT Extreme Title match between Super Sasadango Machine and Kendo Kashin, a KO-D Tag Title Match which will be Konosuke Takeshita and Tetsuya Endo vs Daisuke Sasaki and Shuji Ishikawa, a KO-D Openweight Title main event between HARASHIMA and Isami Kodaka, and more!


What did you think about the show? Post your opinion in the comments below, also make sure to follow us on twitter @WeWriteWrestlin too.

Also, check out my review for DDT’s second biggest show of the year here: DDT Judgement 2016 Review


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