5 Anticipated Wrestlers in NXT

WWE’s developmental system NXT is filled to the brim right now with top grade talent. However that talent will one day make the jump to the main roster and someone will have to fill the gaps left behind. Here are my top 5 picks for who I would like to see make a move from the indies into the bright lights of the WWE’s NXT system.

5. Candice and Joey, The Worlds Cutest Tag Team


Anyone who knows their independent wrestling knows these two talents well. The wonderful Candice Lerae, the only female on an otherwise all male PWG roster where she more than holds her own. Teamed with the extremely sleazy but incredibly entertaining Joey Ryan.

I know the WWE’s view on intergender wrestling but who says they have to stay a tag? Candice would make a great wrestling valet much like Carmella is for Enzo and Big Cass at the minute. She could accompany Joey to the ring while also wrestling her own program elsewhere. He could even return the favour and valet her matches. I think Ryan is one of the few men who can “get away” with being a total sleaze bag and still retain the right kind of heat. That way we keep one of the most entertaining team ups of the indy scene but have it fit into the WWE’s more politically correct aproach to pro-wrestling.

I would love to see Joey Ryan vs Apollo Crews or Finn Balor, Candice going toe to toe with Nia Jaxx or Asuka (oh dear lord I would pay all of the money for that one) or even a mixed tag against Alexa Bliss and either Blake or Murphy. What I know is they would definately be a sucess in NXT.

4. Pentagon Jr.


Petagon jr is fantastic! He can be legitimately terrifying. His agressive offence, high flying and extremely extreme style make him an absolute spectacle in (and flying out of) the ring.

I first came across Pentagon jr last year on the El Rey networks fantastic Lucha Underground. Although I had heard of him before I hadn’t seen him in action but I immediately took notice when I did. He has a menacing precence few, if any, can match and is one of the most solid Luchador workers around right now. His style reminicent of some of the all time great masked superstars. I can only imagine how good a program between him and Balor could be. Or even better have him be the killer heel of the promotion, feuding with, and elevating, the likes of Sami Zayn, Austin Aries or Apollo Crews. Pentagon jr is one of the best talents in the world right now and Triple H would do well to take advantage of that fact and stike while the iron is hot.

3. Cody Hall


As the son of Scott Hall a.k.a Razor Ramon, one of the greatest in ring villains of all time, Cody certainly has some big boots to fill and I think with the right guidance he can.

Unlike others on this list so far, Hall is relatively unproven as of yet but his pedigree along with his size and the flashes of something great he has already shown make me think he could be a real future talent. His recent induction into New Japans Bullet Club will help him mould a solid heel persona but I think he would need some strong guidance and development to fully realise his potential. Thats where NXT comes in. NXT is by design a place not just to showcase talent but to develop it. With the guidance of William Regal, Robbie Brookside and the rest of the NXT trainers Hall could go on to be an amazing talent much like his father once was and thats something I for one would love to see.

2. Hiroshi Tanahashi


The WWE don’t have a great track record when it comes capitalising on great Japanese talent that must be said. However with the recent signing of NJPW’s Shinsuke Nokamura there may be change ahead.

A good way to capialise on that change is a second raid on NJPW to bring in another wave of talent. Among that group should be Tanahashi. He is the epitome of the Japanese style. Strong, hard hitting and technical in his execusion he could be used both as a talent and an example of his style of wrestling. A series of matches between him and Nokamura, Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin or any number of other NXT talent could only yield some great matches such is Tanahashi’s in ring talent. Heel or babyface he would be sure to go over well with the WWE universe.

1. Zach Sabre Jr


Zach Sabre jr is on the rise big time. Coming out of the UK Sabre jr has been going from strength to strength over the past few years culminating in his capturing of the PWG world championship in the last month.

An incredibly technical and spectacular wrestler with a great personality and a genuine love for the buisness make ZSJ the perfect aquisition for NXT. He may not fit the “big guy” type that WWE have always gone for but with wrestlers like Neville, Sami Zayn and Enzo Amore leading the way that doesn’t matter so much anymore. A stint in the WWE’s Florida facility could take an already incredible talent and make him a true superstar for the future. He certainly has the talent for it in my book.

So those are my picks. Let me know what your 5 are in the comments below or on Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin!


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