Is Shane Working Alone?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the wrestling world, you would have by now found out about Shane McMahon’s return on RAW. Dancing like only he could and still talking smack to his father and sister, even going as far as to asking for control over Monday Night RAW. Vince McMahon agreed, on one condition, he wins one more match, at WrestleMania, against The Undertaker. In a Hell In A Cell match! That is a lot of information to take in with just one segment. We’ve now had some time to breath and think this all through, including a segment with The Undertaker this past week on RAW. Now as of right now, it still stands, Undertaker vs Shane McMahon, Hell In A Cell, Wrestlemania 32. But what if in the coming weeks, Shane become a mere representative to Taker’s real opponent?


Seeing as Shane hasn’t stepped in a ring for over 6 years, it’s safe to say he wont be in best in ring condition, especially for a HIAC match, against the f*cking Undertaker. With less than 40 days until the event it’s hard to see Shane get into that state by then especially at his age considering he wasn’t a trained professional to begin with. So with those factors, what if Shane is merely in the corner for Taker’s opponent, now the question is, who? With the NJPW signups and many NXT stars itching to climb to the main roster, this would a be a golden opportunity to boost them up to the main roster in a big way. Now the problem is, although Shane has the big face pop right now, he’s going into Texas, Undertaker’s home turf, in his match, so clearly Taker will be the face. Meaning Shane if he is to bring an opponent for Taker, it would make sense for them to boo said opponent or else a whole face vs face dynamic for control of RAW (If Shane wins) would feel a bit awkward. With Shane’s initial return I didn’t want it to end with him turning heel at some point to side with Vince, but it would be interesting to play a heel roll, not for Vince, but purely for himself, to get revenge for not being heir to the throne in terms of CEO of WWE.


Now this is where Shane’s partner… or partners can come in. Have Shane bring up to main roster, Finn Balor, “Machine Gun” Kyle Anderson & Doc Gallows… Balor Club. Now at first it’s simply Finn vs Taker, face vs face, but at some point during the match, they escape the cell, and that’s when Anderson and Gallows intervene helping Finn pick up the victory. This way a bunch of heel heat is spewed onto Shane and Balor Club, and with the right mic work, Shane can still be his own man, not siding with Vince. Now, here’s where my already bold and out there prediction, goes even further. Dean vs HHH at Roadblock, Dean wins and becomes World Heavyweight Champion, going onto face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Then during the main event, Balor Club, assist Roman to beat Dean & become World Heavyweight Champion. Roman sides with Shane and Balor Club, saying he was in talks with Shane for a while. Turning Reigns heel, and getting even more heat on the stable. This can also spawn a great rivalry between Dean and Reigns for the title, with Dean teaming up with the likes of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura to fight Balor Club. With how Bullet Club were very much against Japan’s traditions in wrestling with cheating to win matches, here it goes against the usual tradition of having the face finish on top at the grandest stage of them all. Now this sounds far-fetched I know, but maybe, JUST maybe. WWE will pull out the big guns and turn this whole Reigns debacle/Shane’s return, into one of the highlights if not THE highlight for WWE in 2016. So that’s how I feel about Shane’s return and my prediction for the future of this little story along with the Reigns WHC saga. Agree? Disagree? Comment below your thoughts and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @WWWDylanOsborn. Take care.


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