WWE’s Grandest Mistake Of Them All?


So, last night was the second annual Fast Lane Pay-Per-View putting us on the “Fast Lane” to WrestleMania, get it? Fast lane, speed, WWE humour. Now the show itself was solid like last year’s, some solid matches all around, 2 great matches and the booking was mostly good. For those who have not seen Fast Lane yet and don’t want it to be spoiled, please stop reading.

Going into the main event most people had their eyes on Brock Lesnar or Dean Ambrose to walk out as #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, but surprise surprise, Roman Reigns wins. Now unlike everyone else who is crying about how talentless Roman is and how he has apparently ruined 2 Fast Lane main events and will ruin a 2nd Mania main event, I’m actually annoyed Roman won for a few other reasons: The ending felt rushed, Dean laying into Brock and Roman with chairs, then getting speared and pinned. That felt predictable and the ending with Roman and Triple H staring each other down was just cliché and boring. Now my biggest gripe, is what happens after WrestleMania? I was originally going to write an article on how WWE should go about a heel Roman vs face Dean storyline but of course, that isn’t happening. Now with this set path of Roman overcoming Hunter and The Authority again, I can’t help but feel WWE have missed out on a huge rivalry that could have kick started at Fast Lane.

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With how Roman has been handled since the Royal Rumble where fans for some reason just decided to hate him again, it’s bringing back bad memories of last year, where the only reason Roman wasn’t crucified was due to him being cashed in on by Seth Rollins which resulted with Rollins becoming champion. With no MITB cash in available and no real way of avoiding Roman becoming champion, are we about to see WWE pull a huge mistake at the grandest stage of them all? Unless WWE have a huge curve ball planned, or flat out change the script last minute, I have a feeling this will be the first WWE show in years, where rubbish will flood the ring as Roman gets the 3 count on Triple H.

What can WWE do to avoid this? Well they had their chance to, and missed it. Turn Roman heel and have Dean main event, which in turn could have resulted in two things. 1. Roman screws Dean at Mania, they have a singles feud whilst Triple H drops the belt to the returning Seth Rollins, or 2. Dean wins the title and he and Roman feud for it, which will bring some interest back into the World Heavyweight Championship story as Dean will be involved and fans will care. I’m not sure what WWE can do with Roman if/when he becomes champion, we could still maybe see Dean sneak his way back in for a triple threat, but with his promos against Lesnar and his IC rematch clause still in play, it’s very unlikely that will materialise.

One thing WWE has forgotten about, is the loose cannon persona they gave Roman after TLC. If that had carried on until now, this wouldn’t be as big of an issue. Now Roman isn’t talking about tater tots or suffering succotash, but he’s not the badass that he was in The Shield or the brief period at the end of 2015. Unless WWE can get Roman over in 41 days, we might see one of the most unsuccessful face World Championship reigns since Rey Mysterio or Randy Orton and personally, I don’t want that for Roman and I’m sure WWE doesn’t either. I now ask this to you, the We Wrtie Wrestling fans, what can and should WWE do about this hole that they’ve dug themselves, and can they get out of it? Leave a comment below expressing your thoughts on this topic and feel free to tweet me your responses @WWWDylanOsborn. Let’s hope this Road to WrestleMania doesn’t end in a crash.


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