WWE Fastlane – Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns?

Tomorrow night, Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns will battle in a Triple Threat Match. The prize, a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match in Dallas, Texas at WrestleMania 32. At the surface, Dean Ambrose has been built up a great amount since Royal Rumble and there looks to be an actual possibility that Dean Ambrose may win this match, or is that just the illusion that WWE has created?

We will be focusing on two of the three men involved in this match, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Brock Lesnar is out of the question as it’s been rumored and hinted at that he will be in a WrestleMania program with The Wyatt Family in addition to the unlikelihood that we’ll see Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania when we just saw it 3 years ago at WrestleMania 29. Going into this match, “The Next Big Thing” is the only one in this match who has something to do if he loses this match.

Dean Ambrose, “The Lunatic Fringe” is the fan favorite to win this match. The fans are behind him and WWE has pushed him greatly for this program. He was even able to cut a promo in Brock Lesnar’s face, telling him that he is not afraid of Brock, and was able to walk away without being attacked. This Triple Threat storyline has mainly consisted of Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar, casting Roman Reigns to the sidelines. While that can be a strong indication that Dean Ambrose can win based on his role in this program, it is just as strong to use it as an argument that Ambrose and Lesnar will lose and continue their feud as a singles program. I guess none of us really know, and that’s the thing.

Last Monday on Raw, Ambrose was put in a Fatal 5-Way match for his Intercontinental Championship. He ultimately lost the championship, which furthers speculation that he will be victorious this Sunday as he doesn’t have a mid-card championship “holding him back” from challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. A question comes to mind, “If WWE doesn’t plan on having Dean Ambrose win this match, why take the Intercontinental Championship away?” It is a very valid and strong question to ask, especially since the new champion is Kevin Owens, which Dean defeated in a Last Man Standing Match last month at Royal Rumble. Why not just give Owens the championship last month? That raises another question, “Within these few weeks, has WWE changed course and now plan on Dean Ambrose meeting Triple H at WrestleMania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?” I wish I had answers, I really do. With Ambrose being booked strong in this program and abruptly losing his championship 6 days before this Triple Threat Match, again, what if this is just an illusion created by WWE? What if they know fans will ask the questions mentioned above and know that this will just result in more excitement and anticipation for this match that Roman Reigns will win?

If we look at both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, what are their differences? Dean Ambrose is a natural on the microphone while Roman Reigns is not; Dean Ambrose’s matches are greatly approved by the “WWE Universe”; Roman Reigns’ matches have been criticized for being too robotic; and the most important difference of them all, Dean Ambrose is beloved by fans while just barely catching a break while Roman Reigns is booed by fans despite being pushed as the top babyface for nearly 2 years.

None of us have the answer to which one of these men will be victorious at Fastlane except for one man, Vince McMahon. Vince is said to want WrestleMania 32 to be the biggest WrestleMania in history. If this is true, will Vince choose Roman Reigns and risk backlash and his top babyface to be booed out of the arena after winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the “biggest WrestleMania in history” or will he prove to every person that he is not out of touch, that he still has his finger on the pulse and realizes the smart choice would be to choose Dean Ambrose? We will find out soon enough, but for now, the unpredictability of Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose should be appreciated as we all know there aren’t many matches that are that way in today’s age of WWE.


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