The YES Movement: One Of The Worst Things To Happen To Wrestling

I want to take this time to stress a few things because I already know by the title that people are gonna view this article with selective hearing (or in this case selective reading) and assume that I really hate Daniel Bryan and anyone who is a fan of his. And the truth is I myself was actually a Daniel Bryan fan and like others, was bummed to find out he recently had to retire from WWE due to injuries. The speech he gave on RAW last night was very emotional and really elevated my respect for the man. I wouldn’t consider him one of my all time favorites, but I still thought he was a damn good talent and a good addition to WWE’s roster.

But ever since he made his retirement speech last night on RAW, a lot of people view the YES movement, a pack of Daniel Bryan’s biggest fans who did everything they could to make sure he was in the main event scene, to be a great occurence in pro wrestling and one of the best things to happen in WWE’s history. When in reality it was nothing more than a selfish, immature, and unreasonable pack of wrestling fans wanting nothing more than to have the entire company build around there guy. No matter what the situation was or the health state that Bryan himself was in (we’ll get to that trust me).

One may look at this article and think I detest this movement because I didn’t want Daniel Bryan to be a main eventer, but actually it’s the opposite. I was happy to see Bryan get that spot and was firmly behind him around Wrestlemania 30 time. To this day I enjoy going back watching that PPV and seeing Bryan accomplish his dream. Granted some of his booking was a bit John Cena-ish but the point remains. The problem is with wrestling fans nowadays, they think they have the ULTIMATE say in everything WWE does which leads to one of my most hated trends to this day. The WWE Protest Trend


Since the YES movement, we’ve had a multitude of “rebelling” against WWE such as #KeepAJsRecord #CancelWWENetwork, and even a twitter account designed MAINLY to keep Roman Reigns from the WWE main event (Don’t look it up. It WILL give you brain damage). The main arguement behind the people who start this trend is “Well it worked for Daniel Bryan”. But did it really? Yes Bryan got the main event of Wrestlemania 30, but afterwards he was still not being taken seriously by WWE. Don’t believe me? Tell me who the hell would take someone seriously with this T Shirt on?


So yeah the YES movement may have gotten Bryan the main event, but he was still having a midcard feud with Kane of all people and a horribly acted storyline. But believe me, the Protest trend is just the tip of the toxic iceberg. Let’s investigate further shall we?

Let’s go back to Royal Rumble 2015. I’m not counting 2014’s rumble because admittedly the YES movement had a legit reason to be upset and go against what WWE was doing….even though some of the actions were uncalled for even then (seriously Rey Mysterio did NOT deserve that). 2015’s rumble definetly sucked, but not because Daniel Bryan didn’t win. If anything it was idiotic for people to expect Bryan to win when he just came back from injury and there was no way WWE was gonna give him the main event of Wrestlemania 31 against Brock Lesnar no less. Hell Bryan later after his IC title win got injured not even a month later, so if WWE did what these people wanted, they would’ve had a repeat of last year. Bryan would be out, Lesnar would be on vacation, and the WWE main event picture would be completely stranded. But hey anything to have Bryan win am I right?

That’s not even the worst part. After Bryan was eliminated from the rumble, the fans acted like children and didn’t care for anyone else who was involved in the rumble. Now how is that fair to the other talent? How selfish and childish do you have to be to isolate WWE’s roster of 30+ men and women because ONE MAN didn’t win? These people are out there trying to give you a good performance even with the crappy booking. They’re busting there asses for you and you’re shunning them because they aren’t Daniel Bryan. The same people that say WWE should build new stars shunned all the other young talent in favor of one guy who let’s be honest, got his big main event making moment a year prior and didn’t need two in a row. Not to mention after the show they blocked the wrestlers from going home to their family and friends acting like criminals because of a staged show. Yet THESE are the people who I’m supposed to view as “inspiring”? No they’re not. They’re idiotic man children. If THIS is what’s viewed as inspiring then it says a lot about how screwed this generation is.


And finally, let’s not forget that these so called “fans” of Daniel Bryan could care less about his health or safety. Exibit A: Last year they wanted Bryan (who JUST came back from neck surgery by the way) to main event Wrestlemania 31 against Brock Lesnar who let’s be honest, can be reckless or dangerous in the ring at times. They wanted him to fight Lesnar and win the WWE title. A lot of people hated this idea because Bryan was “too small” apparently but the reason I had an issue was because the man JUST got back from neck surgery. Why would you throw him back into the main event scene so carelessly without insuring that he’s 100% before you consider putting him ANYWHERE near the main event scene? And why was there no outrage when it was announced that he would be in a ladder match? Instead of people questioning why WWE would put an injury prone guy in one of their most dangerous matches, they just went along with it because who cares about his physical well being? It’s all about what WE want!

Even later on in 2015 and early 2016 when the injuries started piling up, people thought Daniel Bryan should be brought back to hold the WWE title…….and injury prone Daniel Bryan who hasn’t wrestled for almost a year. WHERE IS THE LOGIC? And would you believe these people had the nerve to get heated at WWE for not bringing him back for fear of his health? I’m not blaming Bryan for this because injuries happen and there’s no way for a wrestler to avoid that, especially a wrestler of his type. But excuse WWE for looking out for him instead of letting him potentially cripple himself in the middle of the ring. But again….who cares. It’s all about what the fans want. What a classy group of people we have here.


In conclusion. This group of wrestling fans in my opinion deserve a little bit of credit for getting WWE to change plans ONCE, but overall they don’t deserve respect or admiration from anyone. If anything they deserve to be forgotten. Again I don’t think everyone who wanted Bryan to be a main event star is like this, but for the people that are, the selfish, manchildren who went to extreme (and illegal) ranks to get what they wanted no matter how battered or bruised their hero was, they should never be looked up to. If anything they should be a prime example of how stupid modern day wrestling fans can be. And now that Daniel Bryan is retired, best believe the rebellion isn’t over. There will continue to be idiots trying to protest and rebel against WWE by any means necessary and we all know what group of people started this trend. Thanks a lot YES movement. You truly have “inspired” wrestling fans to be more unreasonable and all around embarrassing.


2 thoughts on “The YES Movement: One Of The Worst Things To Happen To Wrestling

  1. Holy shit, a guy is over with the fans and the fans despertly want that guy to be pushed? No shit you push him it’s a no-brainer. ANY of wrestling promotion would have done it. The problem is, this is WWE, where people THEY only want pushed, gets pushed. It’s WWE’s own fault for not careing about their fanbase, don’t you blame it on the fans.


    1. Um when fans are selfishly blocking wrestlers from leaving buildings and basically flipping off anyone not named Daniel Bryan, not to mention wanting him in the main event despite being injured, excuse me if I think they’re kinda pricks


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