WWE NXT 2/3/2016 Review – Apollo Crews vs. Finn Balor

Not the best show to start off my NXT reviews, dead crowd for the most part and all matches were very lack luster.

The Vaudevillains Def. The Hype Bros *3/4

A very basic opener, nothing bad, just a short match really. The Vaudevillains bringing more aggression and tactics to this match, perhaps signaling a heel turn soon. The Hype Bros looked fine, they seem to be over with the crows, will probably be the nearly men for the NXT tag titles. Short and sweet match that gets the job done.

We have a backstage interview with NXT tag team champions Dash & Dawson, talking about Enzo & Cass, about how they talk to much and never deliver and seemingly open the door for another tag team title match against them. We’ll see how this all develops along with Carmella going for the women’s title, we might see the trio of Enzo, Cass and Carmella all walk out with gold, soon.

Carmella Def. Emma *1/2

Another basic match here, very slow and not great. The crowd don’t really help being dead throughout the match, it gives Carmella a win leading up to her NXT women’s championship match, but that’s it.

Enzoe Amore & Collin Cassady Def. ? & ? *

Sensing a pattern? Another just… bland match. Just a squash for Enzo and Cass to look strong before I assume taking on Dash and Dawson again for the tag titles. Not sure who the two guys were they fought, guessing some local workers.

We then have William Regal address the controversial finish of last weeks triple threat, due to Baron Corbin tapping out to both men, he is eliminated from the #1 contendership race, and it will be a rematch between Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe to determine who will be the #1 contender.

 Asuka Def. Santana Garrett **

So far the best match of the night, just an Asuka squash, Santana has a couple of moments, but the result was never in doubt. It was like feeding a mouse to a snake, another basic match, Asuka is still the bae though, crowd still dead.

Main Event – Finn Balor Def. Apollo Crews ***3/4

Saving the best for last, the only match to really be given time and have a genuine crowd reaction. This match was great, both men looked stella, great technical work at the start by Finn, then Apollo channeling his strength to get an advantage. Some nice spots by both men, the kip ups from Apollo as well as his standing moonsault. The double foot stomp on the back on Apollo’s head was a very nice spot, surprised it didn’t effect Apollo more, and of course Finn goes over to set himself up for his eventual NXT title defense against either Sami or Joe. Mutual respect at the end of the match was nice to see, both men looking good.


Overall this edition of NXT wasn’t amazing, only one good match on the card, no major story developments outside of the NXT championship #1 contender. Check out the main event but I would skip the rest of this show sadly. Rating: 5/10


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