Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s DDT4 2015 Review

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s 7th annual Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament (DDT4) took place in Reseda, CA  the American Legion Post #308 on May 22, 2015.

Team Tremendous vs. The Beaver Boys

This match puts together two teams new to PWG. Alex Reynolds and John Silver, the Beaver Boys, in only their second appearance for the promotion, take on a Team Tremendous, Bill Carr and Dan Barry in their first. Carr and Barry have the gimmick of hard-nosed detectives and their antics quickly win over the crowd in Reseda. At one point they have Silver trapped in their corner and interrogate him good cop/bad cop style. The best moments in the match come from the matchup between the 5’7″, 170lbs John Silver and the 6’5″, 300lbs Bill Carr. Tremendous dominates most of the match with Reynolds usually saving his smaller partner. When the cops finally hit their finisher, an electric chair shiranui, it looks to be the end, but just then Alex Reynolds slips in to roll up Barry for the 1-2-3. The Beaver Boys advance to round two of the tournament.

Drew Gulak and Biff Busick vs. The Inner City Machine Guns

Here we get four veterans of the Guerilla ring. Sporadic partners Drew Gulak and Biff Busick draw the Inner City Machine Guns, made up of Rich Swann and Ricochet. Inner City is perhaps the most aerobatic tag team in PWG, so Busick and Gulak came in with the strategy to keep their opponents grounded. It was then on the Machine Guns to use their experience edge to overcome Biff’s powerful strikes and Drew’s masterful mat game. Once ICMG were able to gain a bit of momentum Ricochet was able to hit Gulak with the Benedriller, a variation of the Go to Sleep that ends with a falling head kick, which was then followed by a middle rope 450° splash. The Machine Guns pick up the pinfall victory.

Matt Sydal and “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee

Here we see two groups of competitors who have each never teamed together. A last minute injury to Chris Sabin meant that popular newcomer Bailey would team with longtime PWG favorite and former WWE tag champion Matt Sydal. In the other corner are two other men with less than a years worth of experience in Guerrilla. The match starts off extremely kinetic. It seems as if these four are in a contest to show who’s the most athletic rather than who can move on in DDT4. Lee, nicknamed the Carolina Caveman for his neanderthal-like posture and sweet chest hair, and Everett, a young stud prospect that reminds you of a young Chris Jericho, certainly amped up their game this evening. They approached the tournament with more ferociousness than we’ve seen from them in previous appearances. The match was hard hitting all the way, but after taking Sydal out of the equation Everett and Lee we’re able to win with an assisted 630° senton.

PWG Tag Team Championship

Monster Mafia vs. The World’s Cutest Tag Team (c)

The World’s Cutest Tag Team, made up of PWG original Joey Ryan and the only woman currently on the roster Candace LeRae are defending Tag Team Champions after winning the titles from the Young Bucks in a bloody, grueling guerilla warfare match back at PWG Eleven in December 2014. The Monsters Mafia is made up of Josh Alexander, a big bruiser with the best headgear look this side of Rick Steiner, and Ethan Page who might be the only wrestler as sleazy as Joey. It was quickly apparent that Mafia were able to hold their own against the Champs. They also proved fairly agile for a couple of 240 pounders. World’s Cutest, though, eventually had them down and out and ready to retain. Just then PWG world champion Roderick Strong ran out and hit Candace with his signature Sick Kick, a running single leg drop kick. Joey caught a lifting knee to the face and Strong was back to Candace with his finisher the end of heartache, a suplex into a double knee backbreaker. Joey managed to mount a brief comeback before he fell victim to a double flapjack. The Monster Mafia win the Tag Team Championships.

PWG Tag Team Championship

The Beaver Boys vs Monster Mafia (c)

After a 45 minute intermission the Mafia is right back to defend their newly won titles. The Champs here are even cockier than in their first match and with good reason. They start out dominating Reynolds and Silver, even toying with them at one point. There is lots of action on the outside of the ring in the midst of the legion crowd. It was the diminutive John Silver than was able to get the Beaver Boys back into it. He demonstrated to deceptive strength, at one point performing a double back body drop. Alexander attempted to use a title belt as a weapon and while referee Rick Knox was taking it and away from him Silver blasted Page with the other one. Knox makes the three count and there is a second title change in as many matches.

The Inner City Machine Guns vs. Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee.

This was quite the match. These four are some of the top high flyers in PWG. Only minutes in we see both Lee and Ricochet both drive over the turnbuckle onto the outside. Andrew Everett ends up being a victim of Attitude Era WWE. Swann hit a D’lo Brown leg drop on him followed by another with a front flip added on. This is followed by Ricochet feigning The Rock’s people elbow that ends instead with a standing moonsault. Late in the match the team trade finishers. Everett hits a shooting star press. Swann with the springboard Ace Crusher. Trevor Lee catches Rich with his patented flipping powerslam.  After all are back to their feet Lee takes out Ricochet and Everett finishes the match with a spike huracanrana. Everett and Lee will face the Beaver Boys in the finals of DDT4 for the PWG Tag Team titles.

Johnny Gargano vs. TJ Perkins

This is the first of our two non-tournament matches. Originally Gargano was set to match up against Mike Bailey, but was replaced by Perkins when Speedball teamed up with Matt Sydal. The Reseda crowd is really up for then match between these PWG vets. Here is a match more typical of the ones you might see at Guerilla events. Certainly a crowd pleaser. We have a fairly even back and forth until Johnny reversed a cross arm breaker into a Gargano Escape, a chickenwing crossface lock, for the submission win.

PWG World Championship

Chris Hero vs. Brian Cage vs Roderick Strong (c)

Our second non-tournament match is a three way for the PWG title. The two much larger challengers start off by teaming up against the champion. That allegiance is short lived as the giants turn their attention on each other. Strong is content to let them wear themselves out while he picks his spots. Chris Hero is a beast with his blasting elbow strikes. Brian Cage, nicknamed the Swolverine, is without a doubt the strongest man in PWG. They both appear to be too much of a match against the champion. With Strong recovering its down to the challengers to determine a winner. Cage suffering through what seems like a dozen elbows from Hero seems down for the count. It is at this moment that Roderick seizes on an opportunity. He rushes in and delivers a Sick Kick to each of his opponents and is able to retain his title.

PWG Tag Team Championship

Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee vs The Beaver Boys (c)

The newly crowned championships the Beaver Boys have grown more evil as the night had worn on and by the finals they are full blown heels. They jump at the chance to take advantage of Everett’s braced up knee. Silver, a crowd favorite in the first match of the night, is now receiving boos and heckled from they crowd. Everett is finally able tag in his partner and Lee comes in fired up. He downs the Boys and Andrew is able to get back into it. The teams then trade shots taking the action back to the audience. Silver executes a suplex onto some chairs, but just moments later somehow both teams are back on their feet the ring. Reynolds introduces a title belt into the match and Lee is able to block the blow. Silver once again tries to bring in it other belt before Everett cuts him off at the pass. Lee rolls Reynolds up in a small package for the pin and just like that we have new champions for the third time in one night. Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee end the night by winning the PWG Tag Team Titles and DDT4 2015.


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