Wrestling Fans Are Out Of Touch

If you’re only a WWW reader and have never heard of KOW, you may not know who I am. But if you remember the early KOW days, you may remember that guy who would come in with random articles complaining about what Hulk Hogan did or what TNA fanboys were doing at the time…….yeah that guy was me. Richard Harris AKA TheMillionDollarMark AKA the only YWC member to rely on crappy MS Paint to get his point across. It’s been a while but I’m back and ready to hit you guys with some wrasslin articles. Safe to say I have a hell of a topic to start out with.

Now that all the intro crap is out of the way, you may see the title of this article and think to yourself “Wait how are wrestling fans out of touch when Vince Mcmahon is the most out of touch person in the wrestling business? This guy must be a WWE sheep”. Well trust me, after this article you will see why I chose the title that I did. Just hold your horses. People still say that right?

Let’s say an internet darling makes his way into WWE and is ready to debut. Usually you’ll see at least one person say “This guy should debut at a big four PPV in a big program against John Cena” Or let’s say you run into the other part of the IWC. The “Muscle Worshippers” as I like to call them. They typically say something such as “What are all these vanilla midgets doing in MY wrestling company These guys don’t have the muscle and physique to be main event players” These are both terrible mindsets that people unfortunately have and it makes me question their ways of thinking. Why bring a guy who just signed to WWE in and automatically throw him into a huge program? I thought people didn’t like when new talent were rushed to the main event. The truth is they don’t…….when it’s not their favorite wrestler.

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t like how WWE built Roman Reigns at the beginning of 2015. Not only was this when they made him say things like “Sufferin Succotash!” or “Donkey Dung for brains” (kill me) but it was clear the fans weren’t buying into him at first. He was getting booed out of almost every building he was in. Now if he was a heel it could’ve worked but WWE was trying to make him the next top guy and it fell flat, but through the magic of stopping the dumb catchphrases, taking their time, and the fans actually giving him a second chance, Roman Reigns is finally over. it only took them 12 more months to get him right.

Fast pushes should not be done to anyone internet darling or otherwise, because not only will it most likely not get a strong reaction from fans, but if you give him the world this early in his career, he may run out of things to do in the long run. Hell there’s already people saying AJ Styles should win the Royal Rumble…..yet if it was Roman Reigns……..

What I always found interesting about Brock Lesnar is he never over stayed his welcome. When he was rocketed to the WWE title picture in 2002, he stuck around for a year and a half and then left. Not only did he leave but he didn’t come back until almost a decade later. It felt fresh when he returned. And he was also one of the last fast pushes to work perfectly for WWE. After him, no one could have that happen to him again. I remember saying on twitter last year that despite Kevin Owens awesome main roster debut, I don’t think he’s ready for the title yet. I received some criticism for this by people who wanted him skyrocketed to the top.

This is my first example of how wrestling fans can be out of touch because whenever a new guy comes into WWE, they have this mindset of “Make him a main event player or I won’t care about him!” What was one of the things that made your beloved Attitude Era so great? I’ll tell you. EVERYONE was over. It didn’t matter if you were main event, midcard, or lower card, everyone on the WWF roster was over for the most part, that’s why it was such a fun time for the fans and even wrestlers. And you people wonder why WWE squashes all this talent. If you’re so quick to  give up on a wrestler after he loses to John Cena or is brought to a lower level than what you want (That being the main event scene) Then why should WWE even bother? Why should they bother when wrestling fans stick with this childish mindset of “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY”? The answer, they shouldn’t, and they don’t.

Another example of wrestling fans being out of touch is this mindset that I actually thought died in the 90’s. The whole “Wrestlers have to be muscular” mindset. This is one of my most hated mindsets on the internet and I just want to say to hell with Kevin Nash for making the term “Vanilla Midget” famous. After the days of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio etc. These people still think that you have to be muscular to be a big star in WWE. Especially whenever these guys look at an NXT talent and say “I wouldn’t believe he could win an actual fight” Funny these people say that when there’s stories of HBK losing real life fights, yet he’s widely praised. Also you’re saying a character on TV couldn’t win a real life fight. Please check your brain at the door.

Hell there’s even a bias against the bigger wrestlers. People like Baron Corbin and Roman Reigns are almost immediately hated because of “lack of workrate” or supposedly “Not paying dues” WCW Monday Nitro wasn’t only successful because of the nWo, it was also because of the cruiserweight division. It had a good balance between big and small wrestlers. As a matter of fact people like Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior weren’t popular because of muscle, they were popular because of their CHARISMA!! Did we just forget about the explosive promo abilities of Hogan, Warrior, Savage, Piper etc and just think they became successful because of size? How stupid is that? When you get nothing but big guys it becomes boring due to lack of variety. When you get nothing but small guys you get an overrated karate class……sorry I meant to say Ring Of Honor

These same people who also complain that WWE doesn’t build new stars, not only give up on them so easily like I said before, but whenever a legend returns and beats said new talent, they don’t take that opportunity to let WWE know they disapprove of that. They blindly cheer it. “Taker at SS for example” Also they’re so quick to say “This guy wouldn’t make it in the Attitude Era” and by them saying that, they’re stuck in the past JUST LIKE VINCE MCMAHON IS. Because instead of letting the new talent in with open arms, they’re dismissing them because it’s not like the 90’s. See the hypocrisy yet? To think anyone in today’s current wrestling should be up to par with legendary characters like Austin, Rock, Hogan or Warrior. Is an unfair standard to hold them to. NO ONE would be able to compete with stars of that level because that type of thing can’t be duplicated or topped. WWE shouldn’t try to top the past, they should just focus on building a strong future which can’t be done if all the fans do is compare it to the past and saying it sucks. It’s the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” mindset where the fans have unreasonable expectations, and expecting it to be as good as the past and when they aren’t met, they act like it’s the worst thing in the world when it really isn’t.

So to recap almost all of the mindsets Vince Mcmahon has is identical to the IWC
“If there’s someone I personally like, selfishly push him to the moon” – check
“All wrestlers have to be a certain size to be stars!” – check
“If a guy I once liked dwindles, I don’t care about him or her anymore” – check
“I don’t care about the future because I’m stuck in the past” – CHECK ALL THE WAY

See Vince Mcmahon is an exact reflection of how the IWC thinks. In other words they have their own IWC right in front of their eyes in Vince Mcmahon and they don’t like it just like I don’t like the IWC’s mentalities. It’s very easy to compare and contrast the mindsets and see that they’re almost exactly the same, they just don’t realize it. Because they don’t think.

If wrestling fans want WWE to change, they have to change first. Otherwise, wrestling will continue to be in this downward spiral and WWE and the fans will both hold the blame.



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