Total Divas – “Love Triangle” Review

Total Divas

Season 5

Episode 1

Air Date: January 19, 2016

I just want to start this off by revealing to you how I felt while watching this episode of Total Divas. I genuinely felt, jokes aside, that I was legitimately sacrificing myself to the Antichrist by watching this episode. Now I’m not here to just bash and complain about this show, I actually quite enjoy it. I’ve been watching since the first episode of the first season, one may even call me a fan. With that said, I found very little in this season premiere episode enjoyable. Let’s get into why, shall we?

I’m not going to break down the episode as this is a review and not a recap, but you can watch the episode yourself even though I highly recommend that you do so. I’ll instead give general thoughts and opinions on events and situations that happened throughout the episode.

The major storyline in this episode was the John Cena, Nikki Bella, and Dolph Ziggler love triangle. Will it be better than the one Ziggler was in with Lana, Summer Rae, and Rusev? Hardly. We start off with Ziggler talking to Nikki backstage and confessing that he still has feelings for her and that he can give her a husband and kids. Oh yeah, this is all going down when Cena is out in the ring facing Stardust. Dude, if you’re going to pull Cena’s girl away and try to steal her, can’t you do it when he’s having an actual important match? Stardust, god damn Stardust. Anyways, after this small back and forth, Ziggler goes in for the kill. I mean kiss, although Ziggler’s banter with Nikki throughout this episode had a hand in killing the episode for me. Nikki, like the loyal and faithful girlfriend she is, slaps Dolph. As she should have. I commend her for that.

Moments after, Nikki tells Brie about what just transpired and Ziggles, like an RKO, comes out of nowhere and tries to explain things to Nikki, but she’s not having it. At the surface, this isn’t a bad angle to be doing on a reality show. It can be compelling, key word is “can,” this was the opposite of that. From the very moment the conflict arose, Nikki, again as she should have, had no interest in what Dolph was selling. So why should I care? Nikki showed very well that she has no feelings for Dolph and there is not even a slice of a fraction of temptation to be with him, so why should I care about this story progressing? Am I supposed to care how John Cena will react? You could say that, but then this episode itself would have 2 storylines that rely on one of the Divas telling their boyfriend something and worrying about how they will react.

What bugs me the most is that John Cena didn’t care when Nikki told him, he blew it off in a way. If the damn boyfriend barely cares, why should I care? Dolph Ziggler doesn’t really care, he even said that himself when he offered to tell Cena himself about what he did. I guess since he didn’t care that much is why he chose to do it when Cena was having a match with Stardust. Stardust, god damn Stardust. All this screamed to me is a one-off storyline for this episode and that doesn’t sit well with me as this storyline took up most of the episode.


Ladies and gentlemen, if that seemed like I hated this storyline the most, I’m sorry, it’s actually the last one on the list of what I hated. And to think I woke up 1 hour early this morning(5:00am, 5:00am!) to watch this, I was actually excited for this.


Paige, oh Paige. She had a storyline on this episode and boy did it kill me. Let me sum it up: Paige doesn’t want to get married, Paige needs to tell guy that’s name I forgot(so let’s call him “Beard”) but is scared, goes to Japan, panic, panic, Beard asks where ring was and Paige says she put it away so she didn’t lose it, panic, “I don’t want to be freaking engaged, Kevin” HIS NAME IS KEVIN!. That’s it. It relied on how Kevin would react and honestly, he was more heated arguing whether or not Paige should care about a venue than when Paige told him she didn’t want to be engaged. Garbage. Complete garbage. I wanted to like this, I really did, but I couldn’t pull myself to do it. Paige says that she needed to find the right time to tell him, but she was in a very good place in the car. She just got picked up from the airport and Kevin asked her where her ring was. There we go! That’s the time you do it, not at a random point when you’re arguing about venues.


Now we get to the final part. Brie Bella. I thought she was the smarter twin, I really did, but this storyline showed me otherwise. As we all know, Bryan has been struggling with injuries since 2014 and is not able to compete in the ring. So, Brie Bella decides that it’s time that Bryan move on from that pesky wrestling thing and go into “Experience Local.” Throughout the episode, Brie just keeps pushing and pushing while Bryan is obviously not in favor of this. One thing that annoyed me to no end is when Brie was explaining how good it was to have Bryan working at Experience Local, do you know why she thought it was good? So that when she’s on the road, you know, wrestling, the one and only thing Bryan wants to do, Daniel Bryan could take her place so her co-workers could talk to Bryan and it would be like Brie was there. That was the major reason on why she was doing this! A selfish reason is why, very caring wife right?

Let’s get into the final part that sent me over the top, through this episode(and I’m sure in previous episodes) Bryan says several times about how much wrestling means to him and it’s all he wants to do. He even says it on the car ride with Brie coming home from Experience Local, but Brie brushes it off UNTIL Bryan sits on his magical couch and says the same exact thing he’s been saying and then all of a sudden towards the end of the episode, Brie finally realizes that all Bryan wants to do is wrestle. So, she says she’ll support him if that’s what he wants to do.


Again, I wanted to like this episode, I did, but they tried their hardest and succeeded and not letting me. And we haven’t even seen Amanda’s first appearance which I’m sure will delight me as I couldn’t stand her on Tough Enough. Well, we can only go up from here(hopefully). What were your thoughts on the episode? Was I wrong about how I felt about this? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Total Divas – “Love Triangle” Review

  1. I was very disappointed with this season premiere as well. I’ve been watching since season 1 and quite frankly I’m not sure if I want to continue. The show had a great essence the first & second season, but now I just see some semi-famous people trying to make their name known. Good marketing strategies but this makes the show feel fake to me.. Which really sucks to say! :/ I hope it gets better..


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